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Why You Can Feel Like Crap With Normal Labs

What do nipple butter and lab work have in common?

First, if you don’t know what nipple butter is, it’s a nursing mom’s best friend.

Second, nipple butter (ha ha)

My poor daughter broke out with hives all over her face. It was dry and itchy and she needed some relief so I thought shea butter and calendula would be soothing.

I went to the store and searched the lotion aisle, but I couldn’t find anything with shea butter and calendula that didn’t also have alcohol or something irritating that I didn’t want.

I passed by the baby aisle and noticed diaper rash cream and stopped to see what was in it. There was some possibility there, but then I saw nipple butter.

Nipple butter (lol)

That just cracks me up, but I have been alone for two weeks for the first time in…well probably since I was born, so I might be a little stir crazy.

Ok, back to the story. The nipple butter had exactly what I was looking for, so I got some and told my mom to go get some for my daughter. I used it on my dry hands and it worked pretty fabulously.

There is more than one way to use nipple butter just like there is more than one way to interpret labs.

Conventional medicine uses a normal range, but that normal is based on a sick population, so it’s not really normal…unless you think sick is normal. I don’t.

I read labs from a functional perspective which is based on optimal levels and whether something is high normal or low normal and I look at the relationships between labs like sodium and chloride, for example.

The relationships can tell us a lot about why you feel like crap and those relationships are often ignored in conventional medicine. Maybe because they require some math, so it takes some extra time.

This is why you are often told that nothing is wrong with you. In conventional medicine, it doesn’t matter if you have symptoms. If your labs are normal, you’re normal. You must be imagining your symptoms, so you get dismissed as a hysterical woman.

Your labs may be in the normal range, but the normal range is based on a sick population. That’s why you feel like crap with normal labs. You’re sick normal.

You don’t want to be sick normal, you want to be optimal normal because that is when you’ll feel great. I can help you get to optimal normal. If you’d like to chat about it, book a call at


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