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My Story

I know the struggles and joys of being a woman.

We have so much love and power to change the world and make it a better place for everyone. But it starts with taking care of ourselves so that we can be present to everyone and everything else.

Fourteen years into being a dietitian, I discovered the advice I was taught to dispense was actually contributing to chronic disease and obesity.




I changed what I taught and had to defend my credentials which I did successfully, but I learned a lot about our healthcare system in the process. Our health policies have more to do with politics than science.

Many of my clients have never even been asked about their nutrition or lifestyle habits from the professionals they have worked with, so they simply don't understand the IMPACT nutrition and lifestyle have on the symptoms they are experiencing and want to resolve.

That's where I come in. I help you uncover the nutritional deficiencies that make you feel like crap and provide a solid plan for supporting the structure and function of your body so you can feel like yourself again and enjoy your life.

I believe we should be in charge of our own health because we are the only ones who can determine what is right for us. We can get input from professionals, but ultimately, it should be our decision about what we do.

My job is to provide the framework that will help you navigate the healthcare system, get in tune with your body, and help you heal so you can lead a more joyful life.


Your job is to listen to your body and implement the tools within the framework that feel right for you.

The Process

I use my MORE Framework to guide you on your health journey:

More good things

Optimize function

Reduce toxic exposures

Enhance energy

And there are three pillars: Remove, Replenish, Revitalize

We remove the things that do not serve us.

We replenish the nutrients we are missing.

We revitalize our life with lifestyle habits and healing subconscious beliefs and unforgiveness.

There are some things that everyone benefits from and other things that only apply for certain situations. But you always get to choose what you do/don't do.

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